Facilitators team (2019)


Donal is dedicated to authentic relating, community cultivation, supporting people to move towards greater freedom by unlearning our unhelpful patterns and creating space for individual and interpersonal healing. Since 2003, he has  been using his extensive tool kit to support individuals and groups in all corners of the world through training, facilitation, coaching, consultation and mediation. He currently does this as a Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and a member of the Cultural Catalyst Network (USA), Permalab (Portugal) and Arise to Succeed (Ireland).

karl steyaert

Karl is passionate about catalyzing personal and collective transformation, facilitating learning events and co-creating conscious community spaces across Europe, North America, and Asia. He loves experiencing and supporting authentic connection, interdependent living, and life as play and prayer. A trainer in multiple modalities of personal and group process, he works professionally as a facilitator of conscious relating, community building, and conflict transformation, and is the founder of the Cultural Catalyst Network. Karl also enjoys practicing & sharing ecovillage design, permaculture, aikido, Buddhist meditation, and yoga.

nitya (Rachael) lindsay 

Consciousness, arts, healing & play are Nitya’s passion. She is a Hatha yoga teacher in the Tantric tradition, circus teacher & artiste, Reike-Seichim healer & Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) facilitator. She has been practising yoga & meditation for 20 years, has a Masters in Performance Studies, & regularly performs a host of magical and surreal feats. She is currently  co-creating an eco-village for a new cultural paradigm of heart centred & balanced masculine & feminine. She is a student of NVC, Byron Katie's “The Work”, Tantra, & has just enrolled to be a certified sexological bodyworker.

ciAN o'reilly

An experienced energy healer, Yogi, artist, body mover, and all-round creative dot-connector, Cian is passionate about returning to the common core of what it is to be alive, then moving, creating and connecting from there.  He’s been diving into authentic embodiment & spirituality practices for the past 15 years. He has given kundalini energy transmissions to hundreds of people around the world.

Teertha ordish

Teertha is passionate about creating a safe environment for people to expand their perceptions of themselves so they can explore new experiences in a joyful, connected, supported, sacred space. She has over twenty years experience working in a diverse range of modalities including Massage and Energy Healing, and specialising in Tantra, Intimacy, Conscious Sexuality and Shamanism. Teertha offers sessions for individuals, couples and groups serving as a Bodyworker, Embodiment Coach, Shamanic and Tantric Guide, Healing and Integration Facilitator, Intimacy and Sexuality Educator, and Transformation Catalyst.

sinéad O'brien

Sinéad O’Brien of Living Rhythm loves to share the playful and powerful possibilities that group drumming, music making and singing can create. She is a highly skilled facilitator and intuitive, heart centred teacher, who brings people into the community music making process with ease and a lot of fun! Sinéad has led Voice and Drum Circles in Ireland since 1999 and studied with Percussion Masters in West Africa and the U.K. She also trained in Drum Circle leadership with Village Music Circles in Hawaii and is a qualified Naked Voice practitioner.

felicity ananda byrne

Felicity Ananda is a multilingual devotional singer, Kirtan & Heartsong leader, yoga & meditation teacher and homeopath based in south Dublin. In her Kirtans and Sacred Mantra gatherings, she gently weaves together influences from traditional Indian bhajans, her Celtic roots and South American folk music, to inspire and co-create an uplifting & intimate connection to who we are and why we came here.

Corinna Fisher

Corinna is a yoga teacher and body worker based in West Cork. Her work is greatly influenced by the yoga of sound - Nada Yoga, and Yoga Nidra, which both feature in her classes to support the foundation of Hatha Yoga. She also teaches trainee yoga teachers in Cork City, organises the West Cork Yoga Festival, and regularly holds Kirtan in West Cork and abroad. Her interest in the healing arts started 30 years ago studying and practicing various types of body work. Her chosen modalities are Thai Yoga Massage and Lomi Lomi Nui, and in recent years she has developed her skills further in Vedic Thai Yoga Massage.

Johanne Webb

Johanne first discovered Family Constellations at Earthsong camps, facilitated by Barbara Morgan . She had been searching for something to explain repeated genetic and mental health conditions in her family, and found answers with this work. She was a participant on Barbara's first UK comprehensive training, and returned on the 2nd training as an apprentice. She is a founder member of Ireland's only Family Constellations residential camp and works with individuals and groups on a regular basis using a combination of all her qualifications. Johanne holds a BA in Acting, MA in Theatre for Development, certificates in Nonviolent Communication and Neurolinguistic Programming. She works as a Theatre Director and performer, and is passionate about personal, community & artistic development.

Lucia Smyth

Lucia started dancing around the same time she started singing very loudly; young. 
With a background in theatre and circus, for Lucia, dancing has become a way of dropping in to a more primal, subconscious, subtle and embodied form of expression. 


Contact Dance Improvisation is something even deeper again - a conversation with another being, with the earth and with our inner child - sometimes all at the same time. Lucia finds solace in the fact that CI is not a performance and that it is perfect in its imperfections. At the moment, what really excites Lucia in CI is exploring the balance between yin and yang in our dance. How can we be both solid and flexible? Grounded and sensitive? Assertive and receptive? Through guided curiosity and play, let's explore these two fundamental energies and find our balance.

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