HeartSpace Spring Retreats

Boghill Retreat Centre

The Burren, Co. Clare

19-21 April (Easter)

Holistic Epicentre


26-28 April

Each of these retreats will be a unique journey of movement and stillness, play and rejuvenation, opening and connection, expressing and witnessing, consent and boundaries, exploring the energetic dynamics of giving and receiving, and how to have more fulfilled experiences in relating with self and others.


You are invited to join us for either or both to get topped up on whatever your heart desires, whether it’s the amazing workshops, playing, cuddling, resting, connecting with open hearted people, or getting some nourishing downtime in a beautiful natural setting.

Drug and alcohol free, held in a supported and safe space, this is an opportunity to open up and drop deep into community and the self.

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Contact Improvisation

Opening an experimental space for moving, learning and play. It’s truly accessible to anyone with a body. In these sessions we’ll begin with our solo dances, expanding our improvised movement vocabulary. Then, with a partner - the dialogue of touch and weight sharing - expanding opportunities through imagination and intuitive choice making.

Contact Improv

A fusion of meditative and dynamic yoga postures and breathing to wake up our body mind and spirit.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

A practical, learnable process based on universal human values that helps people connect more deeply with themselves and others, with what we or others could do to make life more wonderful, and with an awareness of what gets in the way of natural giving and receiving. It is an invitation to focus our attention where we have the greatest chance of finding what we are seeking, connection. NVC guides us to reframe how we express ourselves, how we hear others and resolve conflicts by focusing our consciousness on what we are observing, feeling, needing, and requesting.


Sessions to choose from

Attracting Abundance

Why is it that some people, no matter what they do, always seem to be broke? And others always have money? Is it fate or is there something we can do about it?

This session looks at tools and practices you can use to align your mindset with attracting and receiving abundance.

Attracting Abundance
Heart Meditation

Bathe in group heart energy in meditation circles. Each person takes a turn to sit in the middle for a few minutes and all in the circle connect to them through the heart. This is a powerful heart opening and connective practice using intention and heart energy music.

Heart Meditation
The Art of Relaxation -Body Release Work
The Art of Relaxation - Body Release Work

Learning to relax is very easy.  We just communicate to the body where it's holding on ~ experientially through touch and movement ~ and it realises by itself. Add some simple visualisations that stretch out the body-image and we will all feel sweetly melted.

Ecstatic Dance

How would you dance if no-one was watching? And if you weren’t able to judge yourself?... This is a chance to abandon yourself to the rhythm and move freely as the music takes you, do whatever feels good and embrace your authentic self, whether that’s silly and playful or deeply focused and mindful. We give permission and courage to dance with joy and without inhibition.

Ecstatic Dance
Kundalini Activation Process (KAP)

Lie down comfortably, journeying with music, and receive an energy activation on meridians and energy points on the body. As we invite this naturalness in, it's often experienced as an energy moving through the body and mind, releasing blocks, tensions and traumas, and opening us up to transcendent, yet embodied experiences, all at our own pace. Whereas practices like yoga asana or breathing techniques require effort, this is a practice of gradually allowing and accepting all parts of ourselves. It is about gloriously doing nothing, allowing us to connect to our unconditioned essence beyond all concepts, ideas, patterns and self-images so that we come more and more effortlessly into living from the heart.

Circles of Support
Circles of Support

Daily we meet in smaller groups of 4 -5 people, in which each person has a few minutes to share how they are feeling or be supported however they wish. Whether being held in empathic presence or even physically, receiving reflections or offered expressions of appreciation... Either way, it gives the opportunity to connect with each other more deeply and so creates a more intimate, safe, secure and family-er feel - a place to come home to.

Conscious Connection

Using our awareness, breath, subtle energy, eye-contact, touch and dialogue to explore and encourage authentic wholehearted connection; developing our ability to be present and intimate within ourselves and with others, creating space for individual and interpersonal healing, moving toward greater freedom and finding new ways of experiencing and enjoying each other, our world and ourselves.

Conscious Connection
Kaleidoscope Community Yoga

The art of Yoga for groups. Participants flow through geometrical shapes, patterns, and mandalas together. It is a distillation of the wisdom and roots of traditional Yoga postures, choreographed into a hand-holding, body-folding, heart-connecting community flow that everyone can enjoy. We seek to explore, map, and extend the limits and possibilities of human flexibility as individuals and as groups. We seek to help one another connect.

Kaleidoscope Community Yoga
Laughter Yoga

Reminds us that anyone can Laugh for No Reason, without relying on external stimulus or even a sense of humour. Laughter is invoked using games and exercises in a group; with eye contact and childlike playfulness, it soon turns into hearty and contagious laughter.

Laughter truly is the best medicine and in the words of Victor Hugo: “Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face”

Laughter Yoga
Voice Play

We will explore the vibrational resonating power of voice, weaving simple tones and rhythms with playful interactive noises and simple group songs. Through this we can open, express, heal and connect to ourselves and others in ways unique to the modality of sound: joy, sadness, ecstasy, anger, love and more...all can be experienced in new and deeper ways.

Voice Play
Cacao Ceremony

As we consciously gather in ceremony we open our hearts to the beautiful plant medicine, Cacao. Here we set our intention in our cup of ceremonial grade chocolate before we embark on an internal journey.

Cacao Ceremony is an ancient Mayan tradition and one that is spreading throughout the western world. Cacao is known as the 'Food of the Shift' and as we evolve into heart-centered beings Cacao can assist us in this process, gently guiding you to unlock what no longer serves your life’s purpose.

Cacao Ceremony
Cacao Dance

Movement, the subtle key to unlocking and liberating healing. Conscious dance is an internal journey creating space within and giving you the time and freedom to listen and feel into your body. We tune into the Cacao energy and allow it to flow through our bodies through movement and dance, opening to the plant’s teachings and opening to the opportunity to really listen to our intuition with an open heart.

Cacao Dance


Donal Gannon
Nitya (Rachael) Lindsay

Consciousness, arts, healing & play are Nitya’s passion. She is a Hatha yoga teacher in the Tantric tradition, circus teacher & artiste, Reike-Seichim healer & Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) facilitator. She has been practising yoga & meditation for 20 years, has a Masters in Performance Studies, & regularly performs a host of magical and surreal feats. She is currently  co-creating an eco-village for a new cultural paradigm of heart centred & balanced masculine & feminine. She is a student of NVC, Byron Katie's “The Work”, Tantra, & has just enrolled to be a certified sexological bodyworker.

Donal is a nomadic catalyst for personal, social and cultural transformation, dedicated to authentic relating, efficient collaboration, community cultivation and developing skills in leadership and self-responsibility. Since 2003, he has been using his extensive tool kit to support individuals and groups in all corners of the world through training, facilitation, coaching, consultation and mediation. He currently does this as a Certified Trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) and a member of the Cultural Catalyst Network (USA), Permalab (Portugal) and Arise to Succeed (Ireland). More about Donal and his work at www.donalgannon.com

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Brian O'Connell

Brian is an enthusiastic student and coach of abundance, financial freedom and law of attraction. He has a degree in Engineering, a career as a professional juggler, has managed large scale circus events, as well as practicing Yoga and Tantra. His passion is for heartfelt connection, care for the planet and a well balanced spreadsheet! He is currently studying to be an NVC facilitator and co-creating an eco-village for a sustainable and joyful way of living.

Cian O'Reilly

An experienced energy healer, Yogi, artist, body mover, and all-round creative dot-connector, Cian is passionate about returning to the common core of what it is to be alive, then moving, creating and connecting from there.  He’s been diving into authentic embodiment & spirituality practices for the past 15 years. He has given kundalini energy transmissions to hundreds of people around the world.


Hearty home cooked vegetarian meals throughout the days by our team of chefs. They can accommodate any dietary requirements if you let us know when you register.

Teas and snacks available throughout the weekends.

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We request you to contribute as generously as you are able along the sliding scale of €170 - €280 per retreat. This includes all workshops, meals, cacao, refreshments, use of facilities and dormitory accommodation.

We offer this broad price range because we want this event to be accessible to all AND we need to cover costs and care for the sustainability of those who facilitate and organize it (catering, admin and assistance team, venue hire, training materials, website, travel, taxes etc). If you can afford and choose to pay at the upper end of the scale it allows us to welcome more people to attend while contributing less.

A limited number of further concessions available. If you cannot afford to pay within the scale above, contact us ASAP.

A non-refundable deposit of €50 is required to reserve your place.

Timings and other info

Arrivals from 5pm, so we can settle in before evening meal at 7pm (followed by our first evening programme of events).

We will close formally on Sunday before 5pm.

To reserve your place click here. Please note this is an adults only event.

When you register, we will write to you before the weekend with details about meals, the venue, directions, timings and other practical information you’ll need.

If you have any other questions, contact us at heartspace.events@gmail.com

With love and blessings from the HeartSpace team