16th-23rd August 2020

An Sanctóir, Ballydehob, West Cork

ticket prices

(note- all tickets will be refunded in the unlikely event that HeartSpace Gathering is cancelled due to the Covid19-virus)

Ticket prices are on a sliding scale from €220 – €300. If you can afford to pay at the upper end of the scale it helps to support the community by making the camp more sustainable and enabling more people with lower incomes to attend.

  • €220 Community Supported

       For those with low to moderate available expenditure.

  • €260 Sustainable

       For those with moderate to comfortable available expenditure.

  • €300 Community Supporter

       For those with comfortable to high available expenditure.


  • Kids ticket: €75

  • EARLY BIRD SPECIAL OFFER – buy your ticket before 5th April and receive a free half-hour bodywork treatment from one of the HeartSpace therapists.. When people buy their tickets in advance, it is so helpful for the organizers!

terms & Conditions

  • All under 18s must attend with a parent or guardian.

  • Ticket cancellation policy: Tickets cancelled before 16th July will be refunded minus a handling fee of €25. Tickets cancelled on or after 16th July are non-refundable.

  • All ticket holders must arrive on site on Sunday 16th August by 8pm. Late arrivals will not be accepted on site.

  • Ticket holders must agree to the Camp Agreements listed below.

Camp agreements

At HeartSpace Gathering we aim to create a safe space for everyone to explore and enjoy. In order to do this we have developed the following guidelines and ground rules:


  • Self-responsibility and mutual care and respect. Everyone is required to take responsibility for their own safe experience (this includes physical and psychological well-being). Mutual care and respect will also be fundamental elements of the camp. The organisers are not responsible for any damages or injuries.

  • We ask that everyone arrives for the beginning of the camp and stays until the end. This is an important element of creating and holding a safe space.

  • Drug- and alcohol-free event. To strengthen the integrity and sensitivity of the camp there will be a strict no alcohol and no drugs policy.

  • No mobile phones/devices. To deepen our experience of ourselves, each other and nature we request that mobile phones and other electronic devices are switched off for the duration of the camp. Calls should be made off-site.

  • Treading lightly on the Earth. We will encourage an ethos of minimising our footprint on the land and respecting all other beings. Only natural cleaning products should be used and the land will be left as we found it.

  • Parents are responsible for their children at all times. Parents and children should be aware of each other’s whereabouts at all times. No children (under 18s) will be allowed on site without a parent or appointed guardian.

  • No unaccompanied children at the stream or lake. Under no circumstances will children be allowed to be at the lake or stream without adult supervision.

  • There will be a noise curfew from 11pm each night. After this time no loud noise will be permitted. This is for everyone’s benefit but also in consideration of nearby neighbours.

  • Photos- Please be respectful with the use of cameras. Always ask permission before taking someone’s photo and be sure to have the express permission of everyone in your photo before posting it online or sharing it with others. We have an official HeartSpace photographer on site. If you do not wish to be photographed or have your photos shared online, please let us know by email at heartspace.events@gmail.com and send us a head shot so we know your face. We will keep your information private.

  • No visitors will be allowed on site. Only advance ticket holders will be permitted entry.

  • No pets will be allowed on site.

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